Statistics shows that poorly performed analysis and unclear requirements account for:


of failed software projects


of all efforts consumed


overhead rate

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What is more, these figures are applicable for more than 70% of companies.

So, why not to improve the statistics and help companies achieve measurable gains?

That is how ultimaidea was created.

What we do


Identify the needs and opportunities.


Bridge the communication gap between business and technical people.

Care for details

Carefully document the requirements with the necessary level of details.

Reduce risks

Unveil potential risks and propose the mitigation strategies.

Find solutiuons

Find out more cost-effective solutions to deliver value and explore the best ways to achieve the goals.


Validate the solutions by means of prototyping, which reduces late changes and minimizes rework.

Provide insights

Provide insights for choosing the right partner to build your technical solution.

What you get

Professional guidelines for full cycle project implementation.

Communication clarity among everyone on the team.

Detailed ready-to-use RFx and technical documentation.

Waste elimination and costs reduction.

Improved efficiency and avoidance of unnecessary steps.

Compliance with deadlines.

Framework in which an IT team can scale.

Footing to get reasonable quotes and advantageous terms.


Elicitation and Planning
  • Business case & needs
  • Solution scope
  • Project roadmap
  • Request for proposal
  • Existing solutions overview
Elaboration and Enterprise Analysis
  • Organization structure
  • Process model
  • Interactive prototyping
  • Story mapping
  • Customer Journey
  • Functional requirements
  • Sequence diagrams
  • User navigation
  • Data flow
  • Integration requirements
Solution assessment and validation
  • Data migration analysis
  • Test planning
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Metrics and KPI
  • Feedback evaluation
Delivery and Transition
  • Customer support
  • Demo
  • User documentation
  • Technical guide
  • Release notes
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Business Domains

Payment systems integration
Healthcare Insurance Automation
Debt collection industry
Finance and Micro-credits
Learn Management Systems for E-Learning Industry
HR and talent management

Our team

Founder & Senior Analyst
Senior Analyst, Trainer
System Analyst

People    ultimaidea

  • Ultimaidea team has been a perfect partner to us during our platform development over the course of 4 months - helping to figure out the most suited technology stack, with scalability and robustness in mind.

    Throughout our collaboration they have showed the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Their detailed actionable insights have been crucial in the decision-making process, leading to deployment of cost-effective and feasible solutions.

    Jelena Jakovleva
    Co-Founder at Cryptoprofiler, Zürich, Switzerland
  • In choosing ultimaidea as our analytical partner, we hoped to improve our internal corporate communication as well as relations with our customers, and budgeted three months for this process.

    We were positively surprised when, after just a month, our assigned team had already succeeded in improving much of our marketing-oriented facets, including marketing plan development.

    John Van Kannel
    Founder / CEO at Theogas
  • Last year we started to work with new foreign contractors. As it often happens, we started to experience certain problems in communication with them which reflected negatively on the product and the company itself.

    We were super impressed by the changes occurred after we worked our communication strategy through with the ultimaidea analysts. As a result, we received clear communication and technical guides which include simple project management methodology.

    Most of all we appreciate their attentive approach to our costs: they always think of optimizing our resources while solving the assigned task.

    Jeffery R. Butcher
    Owner, Trillium Global Advisors, Toronto, Canada.

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